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The success the Lemon Bots have experienced would not have happened without contributions from members of the community, it is your support that makes this program possible.

Tax Credit (Arizona Residents)

For those who live in Arizona, Arizona offers a tax credit on state taxes for donations to extracurricular activities.  This credit applies to ALL Arizona taxpayers.  Any tax payer may contribute up to $200.00 per individual or $400.00 per couple, to any fee-required extra-curricular activity offered at the school and club of their choice.  This is a direct tax credit, not a deduction.  That means it is subtracted from the taxes you owe and is fully refunded – for up to $400.00.  For example, if you regularly owe $550.00 a year in Arizona state income tax and give $400.00 to a school, you would only owe $150.00 for the year you gave a tax credit.  It literally costs you nothing to give the $400.00.  It comes back to you as a credit, refund or reduction.

This is a wonderful win/win situation.  As a taxpayer you are able to reduce your tax burden while contributing directly to the Campo Verde High School Robotics Team.  We can accept any amount up to $400.00

We urge you to help share this message with all Arizona tax payers, your friends, neighbors and relatives.  It’s time to take advantage of this ability to benefit our students. The form can be downloaded below, or you may pay online:

Form Download and Online Payment: Gilbert Public Schools Tax Credit

Make sure to specify Campo Verde High Schools Robotics. Thank you in advance for utilizing tax credit.  Your local tax consultants are aware of this outstanding option and are prepared to assist you. Does it still seem too good to be true? Click here for more information.

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If you cannot donate tax credit, please consider giving to our GoFundMe campaign.