Lemon Bots Achieve #3 Alliance Score in the World


In a tournament this past Saturday, the Lemon Bots’ 127X team, along with 2114Z, achieved the third highest alliance score yet in the world, for this season: 153 points.¬†The alliance then went on to win the tournament. With ample room for improvement and a clear path forward to achieve it, they hope to be highly competitive at the World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky this April.

2017-2018 First Semester Wrap-Up

Campo Verde’s 127X subteam has had unprecedented success this season, going 21-0 in all of their tournament matches. They have won six awards (two Tournament Champions, two Robot Skills Champions, a Judges Award, and an Excellence Award) in just two tournaments. Here’s to hoping for a prosperous 2018 season!

127X Build Update 2

127X Build Update

127X is almost ready to reveal its latest robot. Here is its robot from September:

New 2017-2018 Game — VEX Robotics Competition In The Zone

The 2017-2018 VRC game for this year is “In The Zone.” This year, teams will compete to move their mobile goals into the highest-scoring zones and also to build the tallest stacks they can by placing cones on top of each other on mobile and stationary goals. This year promise plenty of exciting play as teams fight over “highest stack” bonuses and try not to let their stacks fall over!

127C 2016-2017 Robot Reveal – “Constellation”

The Lemon Bots 127C team is proud to present our robot for the 2017 World Championship, Constellation!

2017 AIA Barrett Arizona State Championship

The Campo Verde Lemon Bots 127C team won the State Championship on March 4th as the first seed alliance, and was the only team¬†undefeated in qualifications. Although the team suffered from a short-circuited motor in eliminations, shrewd strategic decisions ultimately allowed the team to clinch the championship title. The team also won the Excellence Award, thus double qualifying for the World Championship in Louisville, which they are excited to attend. This victory represents the Lemon Bots’ fourth consecutive state championship title and sixth consecutive world championship qualification.

YouTube Channel

The team’s shenanigans and robot updates can be found on my personal YouTube channel. This is the best way to see our robots in action!

New 2016-2017 Game – VEX Robotics Competition Starstruck

vrc-2016-2017-game_3The new game for VEX Robotics Competition this year is Starstruck. In this challenge, teams will have to find the best way to volley large stars and cubes back and forth in order to inundate their opponents and claim victory. This promises to be an exciting game all the way from start to finish!

More information can be found here.

AIA Barrett Foundation Robotics State Tournament

The Lemon Bots’ 127A team became Arizona’s winningest team this season, with 6 Tournament Champion titles in Nothing But Net. The team’s win on Saturday, alongside first-seed alliance captain 5090A and second-pick 8235 was made sweeter by an alliance score of 361 with 5090A, the 16th highest in the world and the highest ever in the state, and the reception of the Sportsmanship award.

The synergy between 5090A, a heavy but accurate full-court shooter, and 127A, the fastest robot at the tournament and an adept field scorer, was ultimately unmatched by any alliances in eliminations. 127A’s speed allowed it to not only hoard balls in the protected area near the alliance’s home tiles, but to also feed 5090A’s shooter while sweeping balls in the field to shoot on its own.

The Lemon Bots are looking forward to expanding their team next year, with the help of sponsors.