Category: Competition

Lemon Bots Achieve #3 Alliance Score in the World

  In a tournament this past Saturday, the Lemon Bots’ 127X team, along with 2114Z, achieved the third highest alliance score yet in the world, for this season: 153 points.¬†The alliance then went on to win the tournament. With ample

127C 2016-2017 Robot Reveal – “Constellation”

The Lemon Bots 127C team is proud to present our robot for the 2017 World Championship, Constellation!

2017 AIA Barrett Arizona State Championship

The Campo Verde Lemon Bots 127C team won the State Championship on March 4th as the first seed alliance, and was the only team undefeated in qualifications. Although the team suffered from a short-circuited motor in eliminations, shrewd strategic decisions ultimately

AIA Barrett Foundation Robotics State Tournament

The Lemon Bots’ 127A team became Arizona’s winningest team this season, with 6 Tournament Champion titles in Nothing But Net. The team’s win on Saturday, alongside first-seed alliance captain 5090A and second-pick 8235 was made sweeter by an alliance score

2016 State Championship

The Campo Verde Lemon Bots have once again asserted themselves as a top team in the state, being named Tournament Champion for the third year in a row. 127A was the first pick of the second seeded 4146V. The alliance

February 13th Queen Creek High School Tournament

At Queen Creek High School, 127A won big, with Tournament Champion and the Design Award. The A team is glad to go into the State Championship on March 5th with another win and plenty of momentum.

January 9th Madison Highland Prep Tournament

At Madison Highland Prep, 127A received an Excellence award, qualifying for the State Championship on March 5th.

December 12th Microchip VEX Qualifying Tournament

A week after their last win, the Campo Verde Lemon Bots’ 127A team were victorious once again, winning Tournament Champion. In addition, 127A received the coveted Sportsmanship Award.

November 21st Tournament

On November 21st, both Lemon Bots subteams went to the Palo Verde High Magnet School VEX State Qualification Tournament in Tucson, Arizona. 127A won the award of Tournament Champion, as well as being the Robot Skills and Programming Skills champions

Arizona State Championship

The Arizona State Championship on February 28th was a huge success for the Lemon Bots. As the fifth seed captain, 127B picked 127A, then 5090A (Microchip Robotics) and went on undefeated in elimination rounds to take the tournament win. 127A