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Lemon Bots Achieve #3 Alliance Score in the World

  In a tournament this past Saturday, the Lemon Bots’ 127X team, along with 2114Z, achieved the third highest alliance score yet in the world, for this season: 153 points.┬áThe alliance then went on to win the tournament. With ample

127X Build Update

127X is almost ready to reveal its latest robot. Here is its robot from September:

127X State Championship

At the state championship, 127X qualified in 2nd and was a Tournament Finalist. We were the Robot Skills Winner with a routine that scored 69 points. The video of this routine can be found at 127X Qualified for the

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127X Programming Update (2/28/14)

Friday has been spent working on programming skills. We ran into problems with the gyroscope and created checks with the IMEs in order to make sure each turn executes correctly. After this, it ran consistently enough for us to leave

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127X Programming Update (2/27/14)

On Thursday the programming skills was further improved. It should be finished on Friday.

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127X Programming Update (2/26/14)

Wednesday saw the completion of our three major autonomous routines. All seem to be working well. We then began our programming routine. This will be scoring up to 61 points. The overall program was written although it still needs to

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127X Programming Update (2/25/14)

Tuesday began with the creation of two autonomous routines. The first is for the hanging zone. It was determined that this routine needed to be able to score the preload in the stashes. In addition, the robot needs to be

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127X Build Update (2/24/14)

The first issue addressed was the inconsistency of hanging. The hanging mechanism, when locked, would rotate on the screws used to mount it to the lift. By using delrin bearings instead of spacers, we were able to create a far

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127X Competition Reflection & Analysis of Prior Iterations (2/23/14)

Analysis of Prior Iterations After competing at the Microchip VEX Robotics Tournament, we began an analysis of our performance. As it was the first competition with this robot, it was very informative. The first issue we found was that our

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127X Build Update (2/19/14)

The final step in order to reach our goals for our robot this competition is to create a high hang system. The current design for reaching the hanging bar is a hook that is pulled taught when the arm rises.

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