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127C 2016-2017 Robot Reveal – “Constellation”

The Lemon Bots 127C team is proud to present our robot for the 2017 World Championship, Constellation!

2017 AIA Barrett Arizona State Championship

The Campo Verde Lemon Bots 127C team won the State Championship on March 4th as the first seed alliance, and was the only team undefeated in qualifications. Although the team suffered from a short-circuited motor in eliminations, shrewd strategic decisions ultimately

March 28th Southwest Maker Fest

We at the Lemon Bots 127C team attended Southwest Maker Fest on March 28th and demonstrated our competition robot and a demonstration robot for anyone to drive. The event helped to support robotics awareness in our community and many got

Arizona State Championship

The Arizona State Championship on February 28th was a huge success for the Lemon Bots. As the fifth seed captain, 127B picked 127A, then 5090A (Microchip Robotics) and went on undefeated in elimination rounds to take the tournament win. 127A

Volunteering at the Toss Up Scrimmage at Arizona College Prep- Erie

Today, three of our team members volunteered at a scrimmage at Arizona College Prep- Erie. We helped the hosts run the tournament, inspected robots for sharp edges, reffed matches, kept score, and reset the fields. We were also able to

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127C/127N Announcement

After discussion among the team after the Chula Vista competition, it was decided that the makeup of the 127C and 127N sub-teams will be restructured. 127C will now be made up of veteran members of the team and focus on