2016 State Championship

20160305_180801The Campo Verde Lemon Bots have once again asserted themselves as a top team in the state, being named Tournament Champion for the third year in a row. 127A was the first pick of the second seeded 4146V. The alliance was rounded off by the strong second pick of 6323C. In Quarterfinals, 127A and 6323C achieved the highest score of the tournament, 270 points. The alliance went on to remain undefeated in Elimination rounds, with 127A staying in for every match as a field scorer and 4146V and 6323C alternating as full-court shooters.

Also of note was ALBA’s victory in the VEX U (college) division over BUFF, who holds the top Robot Skills score in the world. ALBA consists of a former Lemon Bot, Jacob Knaup, and a former Team Automata (2114A) member, Cole Brauer.


Congratulations to all for a great season!